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A Simple Way to Make And Organize Images For Social Media

As entrepreneurs, we all look to find simple and efficient ways to accomplish our work. Using some of the free tools provided by Google can make the process fast and easy, something we can all use.

Working with Google drive and the easy to use free tools located there, is a great way to organize all of your files, documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations. For getting started I use the quick create plus add on for my Chrome web browser which can be found in the Chrome web store.  This is one of the fastest ways to start or to continue to work on documents, sheets or slides that are located in your Google drive.

Making images for social media requires you to first start with the correct image size. All of the popular platforms have different image size requirements. Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, all use different image size formats.

First, you need to find the correct sizes for your desired social media images. A simple web search will give you the correct sizes. Using Google Slides and the social slides add on from the Chrome Web store go to the top menu and click Add-ons. From there; click social slides and start designing. 

The social slides add on has some built-in commonly used image size templates that will get you started by simply clicking on the desired one. If you do not find the size you need there, you can set a custom size using the main file menu dropdown; pick the page setup command, click on the page size and choose custom then click units and pixels and then set the correct pixel size.

Google slides works just like Microsoft PowerPoint or any of the other popular presentation software programs.  Slides has all of the familiar tools and functionality that we are all familiar with. You will find it to be very easy and intuitive to use.

The add on can quickly connect you to free stock photos by Unsplash for use in your slide. A simple search will get you a selection of photos to choose from and by just clicking on the image in the search results the image you choose is inserted into the slide you are working on. This image can be easily resized and moved within the slide. 

There are also templates, overlays, and filters that can be used to make good looking images. Once your image is completed you can quickly connect it to your Buffer account for sharing to your social networks. 

Using the free Google Drive, Slides and the Social Slides add on is a quick and easy way to create and add great-looking images to your social media content.

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